Fairy Opal

Fairy Opal

The Destruction Of The Precious Stone In Sonic Shuffle

Sonic Shuffle is developed by Hudson Soft, Sonic Team. The publisher of Sonic Shuffle is Sega. The producer of the game is Shuji Utsumi. The Lead Game Designer is Hidenori Oikawa. The Supervisors of the game development are Akinori Nishiya and Yuji Uekawa. The Assistant Producer is Jason Kuo. The leading artist is Hisashi Kybo. The leading character artist is Manabu Yanagisawa. Sonic Shuffle is built for the Dreamcast platform. In North America, it was released on 14th November 2000. In Japan, Sonic Shuffle is releaded on 21st December 2000. In PAL region, the game is released on 9th March 2001. Sonic Shuffle is played as a single player or multiplayer mode.

The storyline of Sonic Shuffle begins with the Void’s destruction of Master Precious stone. As a result, Illumina is not present anymore. Illumina is the guardian of light. Illumina ask Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy to rescue Dream Realm and thwart Void’s evil plan. In this game, you are required to travel to Emerald Coast, Fire Bird, Nature Zone, Riot Train and the Fourth Dimension and collect the seven Precioustones.

There are a number of spaces in the game including Blue Ring Space, Red Ring Space, Battle Space, Quest Space, Spring Space, Event Space, Void Space, Precious stone Space, and Shop Space. The board specific spaces include Dolphin Space, Bubble Space, Forklift Space, Trolley Space, Rotating Space, Blast Space, Helicopter Space and Column of Light. Other spaces include Turtles, Crocodiles and Black Hole. Turtles are located in Emerald Coats. Crocodiles are located in Nature Zone. Black Hole is located in the Fourth Dimension.

There are many force jewels in the game. 1 Force March make the player moves one space on the next turn. 6 Force March make the player move six spaces on the next turn. Barrier Amber make a barrier so that other players cannot overcome you. Battle ruby make modifications to the ring so that it turns into battle spaces for four turns. Blockite prevents you from being affected by other players’ Forcejewels. Carbuncle is a fairy that consumes Forcejewels. Chamelionite can change into any Forcejewel and execute its power. Curse Opal irritates other players. Deletite destroy the Forcejewel of a different player. Duplichaos can change into a random Forcejewel. Fivealive gives you the ability to move five spaces for five turns. Hi-Speederald let you use three cards for movement. Lose Quartz make alterations to the the battle, and event. Lose Quartz is used on spaces and movement.

Force March is a great Forcejewel to stop the enemy when they are near Precious stones. Barrier Amber should use when you are in advanced of the pack and on the journey to Precious stone. Battle Ruby should be used when the rivals have little rings. Blockbite is useful if you are on the way to obtain the final Precious stone. Carbuncle should be used the last after you have used all the other forcejewels. Curse Opal and Deletite can be used on a person that is in the 1st place and who has many Forcejewels. Duplichaos is a useful item if you have Speedarld.

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